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Ana Roussev

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About EDEN Gardens and Farms

Last year, EDEN Gardens & Farms Owner Ana Roussev cultivated a ground-breaking idea. She wanted to combine her proficiency in managing psychology practices with her love of nature. These experiences would bring people joy and healing, combining elements of beauty, harmony, serenity, and growth—not only by connecting with others but also by finding peace within.

In 2022, she began to bring her idea to fruition. She purchased and remodeled a 5,000-square-foot designer home on a 10-acre farm near Harvard, IL.

EDEN’s Vision

Make the world a better, tastier, healthier place by offering greater access to beauty, harmony, and serenity.

EDEN’s Mission: Create EXperiences

Connect with one’s inner self and others through rich experiences of flavors, textures, colors, and sounds in a relaxed environment.

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About Ana Roussev, Owner, Entrepreneur

Ana’s Love of Eastern European Culture and Cuisine

EDEN Gardens and Farms Owner Ana Roussev’s love of nature stems from her childhood. Ana was born in Smolyan, Bulgaria, a town and ski resort that borders Greece. She recalls visiting relatives in the countryside and gathering around the table for leisurely meals of locally grown, organic produce.

Ana the Foodie

One of Ana’s passions is cooking. And when she cooks, she uses only the freshest ingredients. Plus, she uniquely pairs distinctive bottles of wine with the food.

Focusing on rich, Old World flavors, Ana prepares meals from scratch. Her everyday homemade items include pasta, cheese, yogurt, butter, and more. She even bottles her own wines.

She appreciates the freshest, , and other local ingredients throughout the culinary process.

Ana’s Green Thumb

Ana says her green thumb and love of nature are “in her DNA”—a gift she inherited from her grandmother.

Besides farming and tending to the greenhouse, orchard, and crops at EDEN Gardens & Farms, Ana grows herbs, vegetables, and more in her extensive backyard garden, raised garden beds, and the greenhouse she built in her backyard.

Learn more about the organic method of gardening that Ana uses..

Business and Design

In addition to launching successful companies as a serial entrepreneur, Ana holds a certificate in Entrepreneurship Essentials from the Harvard University Business School.

Furthermore, she studied design both in Europe and the United States. She used these skills and her creative “eye” to remodel and modernize EDEN’s Grandview and EDEN’s Garden Getaway rentals. These skills also benefit clients when she designs and builds raised garden beds.

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